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Peer-reviewed Publications

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*Denotes undergraduate co-author

Book Chapters

  1. Teplitski M, Krediet CJ, Meyer JL, Ritchie KB. 2016. Microbial interactions on coral surfaces and within the coral holobiont. in The Cnidaria, Past, Present and Future: The world of Medusa and her sisters. Eds. Goffredo, S. and Dubinsky, Z. Springer, New York. 855 pages.

  2. Cox CE, Zaragoza WJ, Krediet CJ, Teplitski M. 2015. Bioassays for the detection of compounds that disrupt biofilm formation in γ-proteobacteria. in Biofouling Methods. Ed. Dobretsov, S. Wiley-Blackwell, New York. 416 pages.

Outreach Materials

  1. Krediet CJ. 2011. “Life lessons learned while working with undergraduate researchers.” Myakka: Soil and Water Science Newsletter. Vol. 11 No. 13. Fall 2011. UF/IFAS.

  2. Krediet CJ, Ritchie KB, Teplitski M. 2010. The importance and status of Florida coral reefs: questions and answers. Florida Cooperative Extension Service Electronic Data Information Source (EDIS)-UF/IFAS SL 305/SS518

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