FLASM Conference 2023 - St. Augustine, fl

Cara earned first place in the undergrauate talk category!

Great presentation, Cara!

FLASM Executive Board 2023

lab photo - fall 2023

From left to right: Jo Daniels ('24), Victoire Litre ('24), Josie Hook ('24), Cory Krediet, Connor Dempsey ('24), Cara DeLacluyse ('24), Daisy Wischmeyer ('24)

Summer Research 2023 - FL Keys and EC Campus

Aiptasia undergoing menthol bleaching

Staghorn coral, Acropora cervicornis

Connor overseeing some coral experiments

Testing antibiotic resistance of BMCs

Tropical Marine Ecology-Belize (WT 2023)

Microbial Meals (Winter term 2022)

Lab Photoshoot (June 2021)

"Settle into science" field collections (June 2021)

Quarantine with Kali -2020/2021

Winter Term WTI-4E Tropical Ecology: Belize (January 2020)

FL Keys - July 2019 (NOAA Project: Coral Monitoring)

What a difference 15 months makes!

In April 2018, this coral had only a few branches in the Mote Marine Laboratory Summerland Key nursery. In July 2019, it is thriving out on the reef. Thanks to Wyatt Million and Carly Kenkel (USC) for including me in this amazing project funded by NOAA.

Marine Science pre-college camp (June 2019)

Coral Reefs Field trip to fl aquarium center for conservation - April 2019 - apollo beach, FL

Aiptasia workshop July 2018 - Corvallis, OR

FL Keys - July 2018 (NOAA Project: Coral Monitoring)

Marine Science pre-college camp (June 2018)

Spring 2018 - Late night breakfast 

Photos by Nicole Velez '18 & Maia Wohlert '19

Winter Term 2018 - Tropical Marine Ecology: belize

Cnidarian Physiology at Mote marine Lab

Kali "the destroyer"

Sometimes, I run...

Field work with Dr. Lessmann - August 2016

International coral reef symposium - honolulu, HI 2016