May 2024 - Congratulations to Cara, Connor, Jo, Victoire, Josie, and Daisy! They just graduated this weekend and we are so excited to see what is next for them!

March 2024 - Congratulations to Cara, who just won best poster at the Eckerd College Research Symposium. Her poster can be found here!

New paper published in Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B!

January 2024 - Prof. Krediet is on a teaching sabbatical until the fall 2024 semester. In the fall, he will be teaching Marine Invertebrate Biology and Comparative Animal Physiology!

October 2023 - The Krediet lab is heading to St. Augustine, FL for the FLASM annual meeting to present Cara's work on acclimation of Aiptasia to elevated salinity and disease resilience! Cara earned first place in the undergraduate talk category! Check out some photos!

July 2023 - The Krediet lab is in the FL Keys working at Mote Marine Lab's IC2R3 facility to study how beneficial microbes of corals (BMCs) may increase resilience of corals and anemones! Check out our recent photos! And check out this article from Eckerd News

It's hot down here! Check out this article about the extreme thermal stress event hitting the FL Keys.

June 2023 - Eckerd College Marine Science receives a $1M federal award for research equipment and improvements!

March 2023  - New paper out in Science Advances!

February 2023 - Prof. Krediet will be teaching Comparative Animal Physiology, Coral Reefs, and Marine Symbioses this term!

January 2023 - Just returned from 16 days in Belize teaching Tropical Marine Ecology with Eckerd students. Check out our photos on the Photos tab.

December 2022 - New paper out in ISME J!

September 2022 - New paper out in PNAS!

February 2022 - Spring semester is upon us and our new paper came out this week! What a great start! Check out the link here. Prof. Krediet will be teaching Comparative Animal Physiology and Biology Senior Capstone.

June 2021 - The Krediet Lab is in full research mode this summer with NSSRP and Settle Into Science interns working in the field and in the lab on projects related to coral microbiology and Aiptasia settlement induced by natural cues from Tampa Bay. Check out the Photos page for some recent pics of us in the field!

February 2021 - Prof. Krediet will be teaching Comparative Animal Physiology, Coral Reefs, and Senior Seminar: Marine Symbioses during the spring semester!

August 2020 - Eckerd College is instituting a phased reopening of the campus for the fall 2020 semester. Please find more information about the College's plans at

June 2019 - The lab was awarded a new grant funded by the Florida Protect Our Reefs License Plate Program to investigate microbes associated with disease-resistant genotypes of A. cervicornis used in restoration efforts in the FL Keys. This is a partnership with Eckerd and Mote Marine Laboratory.

April 2019 - The Coral Reefs course took a field trip to the Florida Aquarium's new Center for Conservation in Apollo Beach. Check out the Photos tab!

April 2019 - Cory was interviewed for the Chronicle of Higher Education Teaching Newsletter about using student-driven multiple choice questions for exam prep. See link for more details.

March 2019 - The Kappa Delta Epsilon chapter of Beta Beta Beta (Biological Honor Society) was just approved to start at Eckerd College this spring. Our induction ceremony will be in early May.

September 2018 - Welcome back, students! Classes started this week and I am ready for the new semester. Teaching Marine Invertebrate Biology this semester and I can't wait to get into the field with the students for our collections!

July 2018 - Back with a renewed sense of excitement for Aiptasia after attending the first Aiptasia Workshop in Corvallis, OR.  Thanks to Dr. Virginia Weis and rest of the Aiptasia research community for such a great weekend of science and collaboration! Also, anyone in the field of symbiosis should attend the next International Symbiosis Society meetings. They are held every three years. The 2021 meeting will be in Lyon, France!

July 2018 -  The lab was in the FL Keys working at Mote's International Center for Coral Reef Research and Restoration (#IC2R3) monitoring our outplanted corals! This project is funded by NOAA and is in collaboration with Dr. Carly Kenkel from USC. Check out the Photos tab!

June 2018 - Had a great time with the Marine Science Pre-College Summer Campers learning about corals and sea anemones!  Check out some highlights on the Photos tab!

April 2018 - Just returned from a great weekend of outplanting corals in the FL Keys with Mote Marine Lab and Dr. Carly Kenkel of USC.  This is the start of our NOAA funded study looking at predictors of restoration success using Elkhorn and Staghorn corals.  Stay tuned for updates!

January 2018 - Just completed my first Winter Term Course with Eckerd College.  Tropical Marine Ecology was a huge success with a great group of students!  See pictures on the Photos tab.

December 2017 - The Krediet Lab was featured in this semester's edition Feedback Magazine!  Check it out!

Also, excited to share that our NOAA funded coral restoration project in collaboration with Dr. Carly Kenkel at USC will start in the spring!

October 2017 - Cory is featured in this week's Current in an article about or coral and sea anemone research!

October 2017 - This year's annual Florida Branch of the American Society for Microbiology was held in Clearwater Beach, FL.  It was a great two days of microbiology and included a career development workshop presented in part by Eckerd College staff from Career Services!  

April 2017 - Research students Jason Baer ('17) and Ellie Sawyer ('17) presented their Aiptasia research projects at the 10th Annual Eckerd College Student Research Symposium (see photos on the photo tab).  These projects were funded by the Protect Our License plate program.  Ellie's poster was awarded second place!

March 2017 - Press Release from Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota featuring our Aiptasia experiments with Dr. Emily Hall at Mote, funded by our Protect Our Reefs start-up grant.  See Link Here

January 2017 - Just got back from an amazing two-week winter term trip with Eckerd College in Cuba.  The course was "Marine Science Research in Cuba".  What a great experience to work with scientists and students from the Centro de Investigaciones Marinas at the University of Havana at the Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth) on so many marine science related projects!

August 2016 - BIG NEWS! President Obama just announced one of the largest conservation acts in history—making Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands the world’s largest protected area.

Fall 2016 - Cory joins the faculty at Eckerd College.  He will be teaching Biological Oceanography and Coral Reefs!